Own Your Career

Here, you control your own destiny.

Rather than leadership defining your career growth — you do. From the start, you can take ownership of your future and explore what’s possible for your career. Want to manage and lead? You got it. Interested to become a technical master and subject expert? We’ll support you.

Whether you’re a new hire or a principal, you have the chance to make an impact — and take your career where you want to go.

Current Openings

Ongoing Training

We don’t think it makes sense to ever stop learning or growing — so we don’t. Learning is our culture. Intellectually curious people like you thrive here, not only thanks to our robust support systems, but because you’ll be working alongside people just as driven as you are. We offer a variety of ways to learn, including:

Technical Certifications

In-person and online technical training and certification opportunities.

Collaborative Challenges

Technical challenges and business case challenges allow you to practice what you learn in a safe learning environment.

Thought Leadership

Sets of podcasts focused on CapTech’s take on thought leadership, shining a light on the latest technologies.


Mentoring and coaching opportunities (formal and informal). Lunch and Learns and Just-in-Time learning.

Management Programs

Management and Leadership Programs – focused on assessing, teaching, and coaching our next generation of managers and leaders.

Customized Paths

To guide you through the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to perform and excel in your role and facilitate your career progression.

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